Penang Locations for Pre-Wedding Photography - Beach Street, George Town

One can't miss the stylish heritage and colonial buildings located along Beach Street, George Town. Couples can choose to have a chic or casual wedding shoot against the rustic backdrop of Penang's city. Photo Credit: Anovia Bridal 

Penang Locations for Pre-Wedding Photography - The Habitat

The Habitat Penang Hill is now making waves as an ideal spot for pre-wedding photography. Couples will surely able to get impressive shots with their Canopy and Tree Top Walk attractions. 

Penang Locations for Pre-Wedding Photography - Chew Jetty

Local Penangites who are tying the knot will know that Chew Jetty is a must-go-to location for a perfect wedding photography shoot. From the jetty, you can also get a view of the ferry harbour and Penang Bridge that will showcase the island's famous landmarks. 

Penang Locations for Pre-Wedding Photography - Frog Hill

A popular pre-wedding photography location in Bukit Mertajam, Frog Hill in Tasek Gelugor is an abandoned mining area filled with lakes and greenery for couples who are looking to add a little wanderlust touch into their wedding photography. Photo Credit: Anovia Bridal 

Penang Locations for Pre-Wedding Photography - Teluk Bahang

Located at the tail-end of Island Teluk Bahang is a small fishing village with lush greeneries and beachside locations where soon-to-be newlyweds can venture out for pre-wedding photography. Places like Pantai Keracut and Teluk Bahang Dam are some of the popular sites chosen by bridal hous...

Penang Wedding Themes - Contemporary

Contemporary weddings are a popular theme in Penang now. Modern in decor concept and ceremony nuptials, hosting a contemporary vow exchange in Penang is a wonderfully unique and interesting direction to take on your wedding day.Photo Credit: Anovia Bridal

Penang Wedding Themes - Indian

Indian weddings are filled with festive decor meals, traditional music and dance. In Malaysia, a large number from the Indian community, carry out traditions for their pre-wedding ceremony, wedding day celebrations and post wedding rituals when celebrating their marriage. Photo C...

Penang Wedding Themes - Malay

A traditional Malay wedding is one of the most diverse, not to mention lavish and cultural in the world. There are six auspicious occasions that are included in the wedding ceremony. The ceremony of the couple's marriage with local traditions and specific Islamic marital practices is said ...

Penang Wedding Themes - Chinese

Malaysian Chinese weddings incorporate both modern and traditional Chinese customs, which makes it a unique wedding theme in Penang. From choosing an auspicious date to wedding tea ceremony, a Chinese wedding theme is filled with many rituals and superstitions that couples will follow for ...

Penang Wedding Themes - Peranakan

The Peranakan wedding ceremony is largely based on traditions, and is one of the most unique and colourful wedding ceremonies in Penang. A 12-day affair which is usually carried out in the bride's house, where ceremonies such as Lap Chai (exchange of gifts) and Cheo Thau (coming of age)...